Building an Attached Carport: Mistakes to Avoid

car parked in an attached carport

Before building an attached carport as an addition to an existing house, one should make sure that they are in the clear with local building codes. Find out if this is a legal requirement before starting on the project. Be sure to obtain a building permit for attaching a carport if this is needed by the city law. Here are some important considerations when planning for an attached carport.

Step 1 - Select a Design

Attached carports are easy to build and they are the best solutions for homes that do not have a garage. They are affordable and do not need too many resources going into the project. It is a good idea to select simple and basic designs. This helps to eliminate a wide margin of error, mistakes, and costs. However, professional builders can use elaborate designs as they have the ability and capacity to successfully complete such projects.

Step 2 - Select Construction Materials

construction hat, tools, and plans

To make attached carports functional, practical, and durable, be sure to select quality building materials. One can choose to use vinyl, metal, or wood. It is important to also keep in mind the ease of use of such materials. One can also consider combining two different materials to construct an attached carport. Remember that the type of material used will determine the overall cost of the project. Be sure to select quality screws and bolts which serve as fasteners.

Step 3 - Construction Site

Be sure to carefully select the location of the structure around the home. It is best to install it directly next to a house as it is most likely the sturdiest and most stable structure in the compound. This also makes it easy for one to access the vehicle as they want. It can also be installed in another type of building, but their stability has to be without question.

Step 4 - Prepare the Ground

Position small stakes in the ground at the corners and in the middle of the structure to be erected. It makes it easy to lay concrete deck anchors which act as a great support for the carport.

Step 5 - Build Attached Carports


It is wise to plan adequately for the project. Get all the tools and materials together before beginning the construction. It saves time and allows one to go on with the project without interruption. It is advisable to get an extra hand. One is sure to finish the job within a day if they are well organized.

To enclose it completely, consider using aluminum or wood siding. This helps to create more protection for the vehicle against weather elements. Building attached styles is much better than stand alone carports as they are sturdier and stable.

Step 6 - Take Care of Attachment

This is crucial as it mostly depends on how the adjacent building is structured. Be sure to select a design that complements the needs of a particular home design. Take care of the amount of space needed by the car in question. Consider making it longer or wider depending on the available space and amount of building materials. It is important to make the height the same length as the eaves of the structure in place.