Building an Attached Garage: Mistakes to Avoid

If you are thinking of building an attached garage as an addition to your home, then you will need to be aware of possible problems that may arise before you begin. Making your own attached garage can be cheaper than getting in hired help, but the responsibility for ensuring that the garage lives up to expectations will be in your hands.

Designing the Garage

Before you start building an attached garage, you should lay out an exact plan. Due to the fact that the garage will be fitted to a pre-existing structure, you will need to ensure that they match as closely as possible. The garage should be planned so that it will have access to utilities like electricity.

Avoid Overspending

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in creating your own attached garage is overspending. Always have a small cushion of spare money, in case of mistakes or adjustments, and try to stick to your budget as closely as possible.

Conforming to Building Regulations

Building an attached garage is a different project from a detached garage. You need to conform to building regulations regarding proper ventilation of fumes such as exhuast and petal fumes, as these could leak back into the house. Get a copy of your local building regulations to ensure that your building will meet local building codes.