Building an Outdoor Bar

What You'll Need
Treated wood
Water sealant
Additional tools
A new outdoor bar  can provide entertainment as well as add a new feature to your yard. It can be a fun addition to your patio.  You can create a one of a kind bar for your backyard setup by building it yourself. All you need is a good weather weekend and basic experience working with the material you decide to use on your bar. There are several websites that can provide plans to build your outdoor bar. Whether you want a small one that seats just two people or a large bar that can accommodate a crowd, there are several options out there if you just do research. Read on the learn more about building your own outdoor bar.

Step One - Draw and Plan

Make a detailed diagram of the outdoor bar you want to create. Include the measurements for length, width, and height. Keep in mind that the average home bar is 40 inches high and two feet deep. Take notice and make notations of the difference in the size of the base of your bar versus the top. Show the front, top and sides aspects of the bar in your detailed drawing. Do not go to elaborate unless you are a skilled carpenter.

Step Two - Choosing Materials

Choose what materials you will use for the outdoor bar. Some people have certain themes already set in place in their backyards like a Jamaican theme, so you would want to follow that. You may make your bar out of wood, concrete, stone, granite, corrugated metal or other materials. Think about the shape when considering materials. L-shaped and rectangular bars are more expensive to build versus just having a straight simple bar. 

Step Three - Shopping

Purchase the materials you choose to match the look you are going for on your bar. You will need additional tools to actually build the bar.

Step Four - Level the Foundation

Create a sturdy, level foundation for the bar. At the least, you should clear the ground and level it. You should consider on laying a brick patio down or concrete slab to use as flooring under the bar area. You could also just place the bar on an existing portion of a patio or pool side area. 

Step Five - Build the Base

Start at the bottom and work your way up. You first will have to build the frame for the bar to provide support. If there is to be a roof on your outdoor bar, install the columns at this time. These columns support the roof.

Step Six - Front and Side Panels

After the frame is built, add the front and side panels by attaching the material that you choose to the supporting frame.

Step Seven - Install the Top

Install the top of the bar. It is recommended to use a slab of stone or metal; something with a smooth finish is ideal.

Step Eight - Seal the Top

Choose a sealant appropriate for the material you choose for the bar. Apply a generous layer of the sealant to protect the bar from the harshness of the outdoors.