Building Attic Storage Containers on a Budget

A dimly-lit attic with antique junk.

A wealth of odds and ends can end up in your attic, so having a sturdy and organized attic storage containers can be a lifesaver. Don’t worry, though; organized attic storage systems don’t have to break the bank! There are several simple, fun, and crafty ways to build attic storage containers on a budget using simple items you have around the house. It beats dumping everything in cardboard boxes! Read below for some creative organizing ideas.

Cereal Box Magazine Holders

Most families have those stacks of old magazines that no one reads, but no one is quite willing to throw away; this is precisely the sort of miscellaneous item that often gets tossed in the attic. A simple way to keep things organized in case you do decide to go through those old magazines one day is to use homemade magazine holders. Simply cut the tops of cereal boxes off at an angle (making sure to remove any cereal remnants remaining inside), decorate and label as needed, and then place your magazines inside with the binding facing outward.

Tin Can Storage Cups

Attics also tend to be treasure troves of odds and ends that could end up being useful, like loose screws and nails, random cables, and old paintbrushes. Again, the key here is to keep your attic storage organized. Take old tin cans (you can also use glass jars) and then decorate them as you like, perhaps by wrapping them in old fabric scraps, hot gluing decorative stones or glitter, or affixing a collage of photos or other graphic elements. Finally, label them according to content, and divide up all your loose ends into the appropriate can so that they can easily be located in the future.