Building Bathroom Shelves

What You'll Need
Stud finder

If you are short on space, adding bathroom shelves can be a solution, providing a spot for beauty products, extra facecloths and towels. While you can add pre-made storage solutions to your bathroom, such as vanities and medicine cabinets, building your own bath shelving is easy and only takes a bit of time. Building your own bathroom shelves also allows you to tailor make them to fit your bathroom and your needs.

Step 1 - Plan 

Before purchasing the lumber for your bathroom shelves you need to decide where you are going to place them. Measure out how long you want the shelves to be and how many you can reasonably fit into your space. If you are planning on storing tall bottles like shampoo, make sure that there is enough space between the shelves.

Once you have your measurements, buy the lumber for your bathroom shelves. Lumber that is 4 or 6 inches wide is great for shelving. Just make sure that the shelves don't stick out too much, making it hard to move around the bathroom. Since you will be placing the shelves in your bathroom, go with wooden shelves rather than pressed wood that could hold in the moisture. 

Step 2 - Cut Shelves

Cut your lumber according to the length you want. Using sandpaper or a sander, sand down the ends of the shelves until they are smooth. Once the ends are sanded and any bits of wood have been wiped away, stain or paint the bathroom shelves. Because bathrooms can get moist and humid, use a paint or stain that is waterproof.  

Step 3 - Hang Bathroom Shelves

When installing your bath shelving, you want to make sure that your brackets will be attached to wall studs. This will prevent the shelving from coming loose and will allow you to store some heavier items, if need be. If you hang your shelves and the brackets aren’t secured into a wall stud, odds are the shelving will fall, damaging your drywall and possibly causing injury.

Locate a wall stud and screw in one of the brackets. Locate another wall stud at the other end of the where the shelf will sit. With the help of another person, hold the shelf up on the screwed in bracket. Placing the level on the shelf, mark the spot where the second bracket needs to be installed to make the shelf level. Screw in the second bracket. Depending on how long your bathroom shelves are, you will need to add other brackets to support the shelves. Spacing the brackets about 12 inches apart will provide the required support.

Repeat with the other shelves until they are all installed.

For a different look, use glass shelving instead of wood or laminate. Because the bathroom is a moisture rich area, make sure that the shelves are finished with a water resistant paint or stain.

STep 4 - Other Options

If you are looking for more specific storage solutions in your bathroom, you can always opt to install shower shelves. These are typically built into the wall of the shower, using the tiles and tile work for support. You can also install recess shower shelves to increase the space in our shower for beauty products.

Add a towel rack underneath the bottom shelf of your bathroom shelves to help create even more storage space. Installing smaller bathroom shelves next to your sink or vanity can clear up the space on your counter top and give you somewhere to store toothbrushes, toothpastes and hand soaps.