Building Code Information Regarding Exterior Home Additions

Building an addition to an existing home require every home owner to be aware of the building code of the city. If the property is located outside of the city limits, then the county building code needs to be observed. Failure to obtain a building permit before to start the construction of an addition may result in a fine for the home owner and even the obligation to remove the new construction.

Set-back Limitations

The set-back limitations means in many cities that there is a distance to be kept cleared of any building between the main dwelling and the property line. In most cases there are sets back on the front yard, the back and on each sides of the house  as well. If a house is to close from the limits on it's side for instance, then a possible addition cannot be build there. Building codes are also imposing new structures several other limitations such as height and floor area. Knowing the limitations first is essential to create the right building plan.

Getting a Permit

Regardless of if a individual is planning to build an addition or a licensed contractor is, getting a permit is the first step. To obtain a building permit, a building plan has to be provide to the city's building department. Once the home owner gets approval on it's building plan, a building permit is delivered and should be installed to be seen from the outside.

Obtaining a building permit takes a little time but involve minimal costs. Those cost are nothing compare to the investment needed to build a new addition. The consequences of neglecting to get a building permit can go from high fines to lawsuits or even total tear down.

Observing the Codes

Building an addition to an existing home having the right building permit has only positives advantages for the home owner. The work is being seen by a local building inspector step by step during it's completion, which eliminate any possibilities of making mistakes. It also insures a safe building for the home owner and provide the peace of mind of a job well done.

The building codes are there to protect the home owner and the people living nearby against the dangers that can cause an unsafe building. Dangers such as fire, unsafe structures collapsing or electrical shocks are common on homes additions made without building permits.

Building and Thinking Ahead

The days when people where trying to build without a permit and get away with it are over,and they should be. It is to the benefit of the homeowner himself who may want to sell his property eventually.

It is now mandatory to get an inspection done by a professional before getting approved by any financial institution to purchase a home. If the inspector determined that an addition is not respecting the building code, the buyers are going to  walk away. Such property can be very difficult to sell unless the home owner gets the addition approved by it's city building code, which is very costly once the addition is done.