Building Custom Motorcycle Exhausts: Welding to the Bike

A motorcycle.
  • 2 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Motorcycle exhaust
Welding tool
Metal clamps
Angle grinder
Iron coating

If you have bought and built your own motorcycle exhausts, then you may be keen to start welding it to the bike. The motorcycle exhaust is a vital part of the bike, and in order to secure it properly, you will need a lot of equipment, Most of the machines needed, such as welding tools, will be available to rent from car repair places, or even from home improvement stores, but you will need to purchase welding metal. As well as buying the tools, you should also ask for a few lessons in how to handle the welding tool and how to use it on your bike.

Step 1 - Weld the Exhaust

Clamp the exhaust you have made to the pipes in the bike and then use the TIG welder to hold it tightly into place. You will not need to do any complex welding at this point. Just make sure that the metal of the exhaust is welded to the metal of the vehicle all the way around. Don't move the exhaust clamp at the moment, as you will need to do some other things to the exhaust in order to keep it in position. Once you have added the weld, you can then allow the bike to cool down a bit before you start with the next part of the task.

Step 2 - Add Flanges

Take the motorcycle flanges. These are vital to holding the exhaust onto the engine. You may be able to find these parts at scrap dealers, or you could try and buy the particular make which is suitable for your motorbike. Make sure that the flanges are clean and grease-free before you start the weld. Hold them onto the end of the pipe with clamps so that they are attached to both the engine pipe and the motorcycle exhaust pipe.

Step 3 - Welding the Flanges

Using your TIG welder, start by performing a tack weld onto the flanges. This is a short, rapid weld which connects the two metals together quickly without heating them up too much. Once you have performed this tack weld, then you should go around each flange and thoroughly weld each part of the seams. If you need to, add a filler bar to hold all of the parts in place.

Step 4 - Grinding the Weld

Once your motorcycle exhausts and flanges are in place, smooth the welded parts down. Remove the clamps and take up an angle grinder. A small version of these should be able to fit into the gaps along your exhaust. Grind the weld until it is almost uniformly flat, and then finish off the job by smoothing the metal down with a piece of sandpaper. Once the exhaust is sanded down to fit the rest of the engine pipeworks, you are ready to add a ceramic coat to finish the job.