Building Firewood Storage Racks in Your Garage

What You'll Need
2x4 boards (4 1-foot pieces, 2 4-foot pieces, and 4 30-inch pieces)
5 inch by 1/4 inch carriage bolts, with washers and nuts (at least 8)
1/4 inch drill bit and drill
Hammer and galvanized nails
Wood saw
Tape measure

Firewood storage racks are a great way to keep a stockpile of usable firewood close at hand. If you have a garage in your home, you can store the wood on racks in this area, so that it stays nice and dry for you to use during the winter. Additionally, keeping the wood inside of your home can help to make it easier to retrieve, when you need it for the fire. Firewood storage racks are easy to build, and can be modified according to your needs and the space that you have. Read on, for a brief guide on how to build a firewood storage rack in your garage.

Step 1 -- Make the Rectangle

Lay the 2 4 foot pieces parallel to each other on the ground, so that the pieces are resting on the 2 inch side. Set 1 of the foot long pieces of wood in between the 2, and square it up with the edge of the 4 foot pieces. It should be resting on its 2 inch side as well, and the ends of the 4 foot pieces should be resting on the inside edge of the 12 inch piece. Hammer 2 nails into the ends of the foot long piece, so that it is connected to both of the 4 foot pieces. Repeat this with the other end of the 4 foot pieces as well, to make a rectangle. This will be the bottom portion of the rack; you'll place wood on top of this section, at right angles to the rack.

Step 2 -- Make the Posts

Take a 30 inch piece of wood, and place it vertically in 1 of the corners of the rectangle. Drill 2 holes into the edge of the rectangle, and through the 30 inch piece, about 1 inch apart. Fasten the vertical piece to the rectangle with the carriage bolt set, then repeat this process for each of the other 3 corners.

Step 3 -- Attach the Caps

Square up the 12 inch pieces between the 2 closest 30 inch posts. Do this by laying the 12 inch piece flat on top of the posts, and then nailing it in. Repeat this for the other side as well. Check it for overall stability, to be sure that it can support the weight of the firewood.  These vertical end pieces will keep the wood from spilling over the sides.

Step 4 -- Treat the Rack

You may find that it's helpful to treat the rack with varnish or lacquer. These can not only improve the overall appearance of the firewood rack, but help to ensure that it maintains its stability through months and years of storing firewood. This will also protect it from damage or rot, that may be affecting any wood that you store on it. If you do treat the rack, be sure to let it dry thoroughly before using it to store wood.