Building Gravel Walkways: Mistakes to Avoid

Gravel walkways are pretty, especially in a garden area, if they are built correctly. It is very important that you know a little about building the gravel walkway to get the right effect. Simple mistakes can cause your gravel walkway to look like a three-year-old built it. These mistakes can be avoided to ensure your gravel walkway building project results in a professional look. 

Not Removing Sod or Grass

If you are not careful to remove the existing grass or sod when you are preparing to build a gravel walkway, your gravel can become overrun with weeds and grass. In order to prevent this from happening, it is very important to remove the grass or sod. 

Not Using Landscape Edging

It is important to keep your walkway even and in one place. Using a plastic landscape type edging will help the gravel stay where it should and keep the walkway path aligned. Not using this landscape edging can cause your gravel to spread outside the path where it should not be and will make the walkway look messy and run all over the place. Optionally, edging stones can be used also. Using edging will help your walkway maintain the right shape.

Not Using a Landscaping Fabric

Landscaping fabric is often used to stunt the growth of weeds or grass in flowerbeds and walkways. Although it is optional, it is recommended to use this fabric. Grass and weeds will run through and take over your gravel walkway a lot faster if the landscaping fabric is not used. This fabric can be cut to the right size and hidden by the gravel once it’s laid.