Building an Infrared Sauna

Although it may seem like a hard job to build an infrared sauna there is a huge advantage to it. You can save a good amount of money over one that’s already built. In many cases this can be up to 50% compared to a pre-built infrared sauna. All it requires is some basic carpentry tools and skills. If you don’t happen to have carpentry skills or tools you can always hire a local handyman.

Important Tips for Building an Infrared Sauna

• Decide on the location, size, and all of the interior details like the ventilation and bench. A larger infrared sauna will require 240 volts.
• When selecting the wood it’s important to know that they should be left unfinished and to stay away from woods that split when they become dry. The reason to leave the wood unfinished is due to the fact that it will help avoid toxins within the stain, varnish, or paint that release when heated.
• The door on an infrared sauna does not need to be insulated. The door should swing away from the infrared sauna and if there is to be a window it should be made of tempered glass.