Building Motorcycle Storage Sheds for Winter Protection

Lead Image
  • 40-60 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 1,500-2,500
What You'll Need
2- by 4-inch lumber
Wire mesh
Reinforcing steel
Aluminum mending plates (for roof joists)
Sledge hammer
Bull float
Nail gun
Tape measure
Roofing materials
Silicone caulk and caulk gun

When deciding to build motorcycle storage sheds there are a few things to consider during the design phase. The doors should be doublewide to allow for easy in and out. Concealed hinges are recommended, and substantial locks are essential. There are numerous options for security measures you can take in the building of your motorcycle storage shed. Forego any large windows, to keep your valuables out of sight. A crucial element to your design is to be certain that the shed has an adequate interior height, to allow you to stand upright.

Step 1 - Shed Foundation

First excavate the area for the motorcycle storage shed foundation, to a depth provided by local building codes. Your local codes may require footers (concrete posts poured to a depth below the frost line to provide adequate support). With 2- by 4-inch lumber, form the shed foundation. Alternatively, excavate to exact foundation size and use the sides of the excavation as the form. Lay water barrier (plastic), wire mesh and alternate reinforcing bar. Lay re-bar on 16-inch centers in both directions and 12 inches from all sides. Pour concrete, float and trowel finish. Allow concrete to cure 3 days before attaching the shed.

Step 2 - Frame Shed Walls

First measure the length and width of motorcycle storage shed. Start with 1 wall and work your way around. First, cut the top and bottom plates (2- by 4-inch lumber) for each wall. One wall at a time, mark both plates for stud locations, then lay the plates on the ground with the cut studs between them. Attach studs to plates with nails. Finish all 4 walls in the same manner, framing out for windows and doors as indicated by plans. While still on the ground, nail plywood to outside of shed walls. Attach siding to outside of plywood.

Step 3 - Frame Shed Roof

Again, on the ground, frame the motorcycle storage shed roof trusses to be raised and connected to the wall frame's top plates per shed design. With 2- by 4-inch lumber cut to appropriate length, join each truss with nails and aluminum mending plates at each corner. Use a sledgehammer to set mending plates. After all joists are constructed, raise them 1 at a time and attach to wall framing with nails. Apply plywood and other roof substrate per manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 4 - Install Roof

Install roofing underlayment and shingles per manufacturer’s directions. Install any windows and doors per shed design.

Step 5 - Finish Shed

With silicone caulk, seal all horizontal joints first. Caulk any vertical joints that may cause water infiltration. Caulk windows. It is recommended that you caulk double doors as you build it, to assure proper water protection. Prime and paint any exposed wood of the motorcycle storage shed.