Building Quality Lattice Patio Covers

What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Sheets of lattice
Post hole digger
Wood stakes
2x8 treated wood planks
2x12 treated wood planks

Lattice patio covers can provide an attractive cover for outdoor leisure. Once constructed, you can hang plants from the lattice or let vines grow across the wood, creating a cool, leafy canopy.

      Take Measurements

      Using your tape measure, take the dimensions of the area you wish to cover. This is how you will determine the amount of wood lattice and posts that you need to buy. Total up the square footage you need to cover. It is best to purchase the wood lattice in 4x8 measurements. You get the most bang for your back with that size and it provides 32 square feet of lattice.

      You will also be placing a post aroound your patio every eight feet, so measure this out now. Once you have marked the spots for the posts, dig the post holes. They should be 18 to 24 inches deep in accordance with your local zoning laws.  

      Prepare the Ground

      Get the earth around your deck ready for you project. Place the post in the holes you dug and brace them using the string and wood stakes.

      Mix some of the quick-drying cement. Pour it into and around each post and let the cement dry. 

      Build the Frame

      Now you are going to start building the frame for your patio cover. Attach the 2x8 treated wood planks to the top of your posts. Now build a cross brace using the 2x12 treated wood planks—you can these to size if your patio is less than 12 feet wide. If your patio is longer, just add another line of posts. 

      Attach the Lattice Patio Cover

      Start attaching the lattice panels to the top of the frame with wood screws. Cover the patio area with lattice panels, attaching the panels to the frame where they meet. You can cut lattice sheets smaller to fit.

      You should now have a patio attractively covered by wood lattice that will provide you partial shade while you enjoy the outdoors.