Building rRstriction Lines

Building restriction lines are the perimeter, or outside edge lining an area past which no construction is permitted. The building restriction lines for any community are determined by local ordinances, and can vary from street to street or section to section of a town or city.

Building restriction lines are usually determined by esthetic and practical considerations, meaning that building restriction lines prohibit the building of structures which are out of the norm or character of the surrounding structures. This includes practical issues, such as crowding or general safety concerns.

Streets and the Building Restriction Line

Building restriction lines usually run parallel to the street line. The acronym BRL is often used in the construction trade in place of the term building restriction line.
Generally, the building restriction line is known as how far a house must be set back from the street.

The parameters for particular building restriction lines may appear in the original plan of a subdivision, or can be found in by building codes, or zoning ordinances.