Building Rock Walls In Your Garden

Rock walls provide an aesthetic look to your garden and focal point for your guests. Building a rock wall can be a fun project that should take you a weekend or so to complete. This can be done alone, although it is recommended that you have assistance.

Gather Rocks

Go to your local home and garden store or quarry to find assorted rocks to use in the garden. They stones should be different sizes, some large and some small. This will give you a varied pattern. Try to choose flat stones that adhere better to each other. This will eliminate the need for mortar to join the rocks together.

Place Rocks in a Pattern

You will need to dry fit the rocks in order to determine how they best work together. A rock hammer may be helpful in breaking off irregular edges as you place the stones together. As soon as you find a patter that works, apply a little mortar, as a joining agent and sand to build the wall. Use a level to make sure that the wall does not lean to much to one side or another.