Building Round Bird Cages

round bird cages
  • 3-5 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Pen and paper
Untreated wood
Stainless steel mess
Stainless steel nails
Stainless steel staples
Stainless steel wire
Nail gun
Hole saw
Circular saw

If you want to make one of the round bird cages for your pet bird, then all you need to do is follow the steps below. The advantage of making the cage yourself is that it can be both large and inexpensive.

Step 1 – Measurements

The measurements of this round bird cage will be that the base of the cage will have a radius of 2 feet. The height of the cage will be 6.5 feet to give plenty of room for a small bird or more to fly around.

Step 2 – Type of Cage

There are 2 main types of round cages; the type that this article will show you how to make is a cage with a circular flat base on the top for a round bird cage. It is going to be made out of wood and stainless steel mess as opposed to just wood alone.

Step 3 – Preparing the Wood

Cut the base of the cage. In order to do this, use a hole saw that is set to the radius of the circle, 2 feet. Second, you will repeat this so you have two circular pieces of wood. Third, you will need three lengths of wood that measure 6.5-feet high and they will be cut with a circular saw. Final thing you need to do is sand the wood, so the bird does not get a splinter.

Step 4 – Make the Frame

The wood for the round bird cage will be joined together using stainless steel nails as some other metals will endanger the birds. First, you will join the three lengths of wood to one of the circular pieces in a stool layout. Each piece of wood should be secured with two nails to make sure they do not move. The circular piece of wood for the base now needs to be attached using the same securing techniques.

Step 5 – Add the Wire

Wrap the sheet of stainless steel wire mesh around the horizontal wooden pieces of wood. Second, you will need to staple the mesh to the wood of the round bird cage with stainless steel staples. You need to place at least five staples from the top of the wood down to the base of the wood, equally spaced. A quick tip: the smaller your birds, the more staples you will need to secure the mesh so the bird cannot get through the gaps.

Step 6 – Make a Door

Cut out an area of wire big enough to easily get the birds in and out of the round bird cage. For example, 12x8 inches will be big enough for small birds. It will also need to be big enough to get cage accessories through, as well. Second, attach two hinges to the left hand side of the piece of mesh; these hinges will then be attached to the mesh on the cage. This will have created a swinging door.

Step 7 – Add a Lock

To make sure that the birds do not fly out, it's important to have a lock. A lock can be as simple as a piece of metal wire tired around the mesh on the door to the mesh on the cage and twisted. While a person can undo this quite easily, a bird cannot. Now your birds can enjoy their new round bird cage.