Building a Sauna Shower

Fortunately, building a sauna shower is simpler then you may initially think. You don’t have to rip apart the whole bathroom, there are a few simple steps you do have to follow though to successfully build a sauna shower.

• First cover the roof of your shower enclosure. All of the walls and the ceiling have to be waterproof.
• Consider a slopped or curved ceiling as it will stop the condensed steam from dripping on you.
• Seal the enclosure. Your enclosure needs to be sealed tight. If any of the water vapor is allowed to escape it could potentially damage your drywall or paint or cause rotting.
• Install a steam shower door for your sauna shower. These doors are made to be vapor tight to prevent the water vapor from leaving the enclosure.
• Finally install a steam generator. The generator needs to be connected to the water line and a 240v line.

Alternative to Building a Sauna Shower

There are units on the market that are ready made. It’s a full self contained enclosure. A sauna shower like this is nice for someone who doesn’t want to deal with trying to seal off their shower themselves.