Building a Vanity Table with Hidden Storage

A vanity table is a useful piece of furniture to have in a woman’s bedroom or master suite. It serves as a place for a woman to store and apply cosmetics and perfume and perform other beauty rituals before stepping out the door. With a framed mirror and a plush seat, a vanity table adds elegance and charm to the bedroom. A skirted vanity table further provides hidden storage space for other personal items you wish to put out of sight.

Building a Vanity Table

The best way to build a vanity table without starting from scratch is to use an old piece of furniture that you can repurpose. A sideboard traditionally used in the dining room is ideal for this project, since it is about the right length and width, and usually has drawers for storage. A small desk or side table could work as well. Scout yard sales, thrift stores, and antique stores to find a suitable, inexpensive piece.

When you have obtained the sideboard or table and your preferred seating, check whether the table is at a suitable height. You may either have to cut down the legs to lower the height, or add wood onto the bottom of the legs to raise the height.

If you wish to build a vanity table from scratch, you will need a piece of plywood and four table legs. Cut the plywood to the size and shape of your desired vanity table top. A kidney-shaped vintage vanity table is a popular option, as the shape allows a person to get close to the mirror while having enough room to place necessary items. Sand the tabletop smooth and paint or stain it to your preferred finish. Next, attach the table legs onto the underside of the tabletop using screws.

A glass top makes the vanity table surface easy to clean and adds an elegant finishing touch to the table. Go to a home improvement store to have a piece of glass cut for you. Have the dimensions of the tabletop ready, or trace out the tabletop pattern onto a sheet of paper and bring it to the store to ensure an accurate fit.

Adding a Skirt

Hidden storage space can be created by adding a skirt to the vanity table. Choose the fabric for the skirt to match the décor of your bedroom. Because the skirt will be shirred, the length of fabric should be twice to thrice the measurement of the circumference of the table. Cut the fabric to a height measuring from the floor to the table surface, plus leeway for the hems.

After hemming the edges of the fabric, attach fusible shirring tape to the top length of the wrong side of the fabric by ironing it in place for a few seconds. Next, gather the fabric by pulling the strings on the tape. Attach the skirt to the edge of the tabletop using hook-and-loop tape all along the circumference of the table. Your skirted vanity table now only needs a lovely mirror to complete it.