Building Your Own Sliding Cabinet Doors

What You'll Need
Slide mechanism
Tape measure
Table saw
Sand paper
Paint brush
Wood putty

Sliding cabinet doors are convenient, as they are easy to open. The doors will also improve the overall appeal of your cabinet. Building sliding doors is a simple process that you can accomplish by yourself, provided you have the right tools and materials.

Step 1 - Remove Existing Door

Remove the existing cabinet doors by unscrewing all the hinges from the cabinet. If any screw holes are still on the cabinet, use the wood putty to fill them. Leave the putty to dry, then take the sand paper and smooth the area.

Step 2 - Cut out Cabinet Doors

Use the tape measure to get the dimensions for your sliding cabinet doors. Mark on your plywood the exact measurements using a pencil.  Take the table saw and cut the plywood precisely along the marked lines. Use the sand paper to even out the door parts all round, especially around the cut edges. Start with 80-grit sandpaper, and after going around the doors, use 160-grit sandpaper to leave the doors finely finished.

Step 3 - Paint the Doors

First apply the primer on the plywood pieces evenly, ensuring that you apply all sides at the same time to prevent the pieces from warping. Allow the primer to dry, then take the paint and apply the first coat. Leave this to dry too, then proceed with the second coat. Ensure that you apply thin coats to produce an overall evenness. Apply as many coats as will produce a smooth and appealing look. Mark the position of the door handle, then use the drill to make a hole through which to attach the handle.

Step 4 - Install Sliding Mechanism

The sliding mechanism goes onto the side of the cabinet as a small drawer. Lay the cabinet doors down and use a drill to make screw holes. Line the sliding mechanism on the edges. Attach the hinges onto the doors and screw them on, leaving a ½-inch space from the top of the door and along the entire length. Put the door handle into the earlier drilled hole and screw it on firmly.

Step 5 - Attach Doors to Cabinet

Pick up the doors one at a time and line the sliding mechanism with the cabinet. Screw the mechanism onto the cabinet firmly. Slide the door to open and close a few times to ensure that your cabinet doors are working as desired. The doors should slide smoothly back and forth. If you need to make any adjustments, mark with the pencil all areas that require alterations. Unscrew the doors out and make the necessary alterations as precisely as possible before screwing the cabinet doors back onto the cabinet.