Built in Microwave Convection Oven

With a variety of oven sizes and capacities from which to choose, a built-in microwave convection oven is one of the most versatile appliances available. Combining in some cases 3 separate functions, built-in microwave convection ovens include a microwave heating element and a convection element with a single or dual-speed fan. Over-the-range built-in units commonly include a ventilation system able to move hot air up and away from a cooktop situated below. Built-in microwave convection ovens have the advantage of being fully integrated into your kitchen's design, saving space on the countertop and providing a stylish wall fixture. 


Depending on the brand, different sizes of ovens are available in a range of capacities. Viking, for instance, offers 27-, 30- and 36-inch built-in microwave convection ovens. With the built-in trim kit they blend in seamlessly, especially if installed in conjunction with a matching wall oven or warming drawer. Built-in microwave convection ovens come with between 1.1 and 2.0 cubic feet of capacity, and many include an adjustable oven rack and/or grill.


Top built-in units feature multiple convection settings, ideal for baking, roasting or broiling. Custom settings are often included as well. Units come with a turntable insert and in many cases offer multiple power settings for the most versatility when convection cooking or simply microwaving leftovers. Electronic controls, sensory cook systems, and a stainless steel finish are other common features.