Butcher Block Options

Butcher block countertops can be a beautiful and functional addition to any kitchen remodeling project. When considering whether or not to install a butcher block countertop in your home, here are several options to evaluate.

Wood Style
While butcher block countertops have often been constructed of oak or pine in the past, today’s wood countertops can be constructed from a wide variety of different types of woods. These include madrone, laurel, maple, fir, walnut, redwood and eucalyptus, just to name a few. In some cases, a combination of different types of woods can be utilized to create a visually interesting and beautiful countertop.

Butcher Block Style
There are several different butcher block styles available for this type of countertop.

•Side Grain – A side grain butcher block countertop has the side grain of the wood placed so that it is on the top surface of the countertop. The side grain is the harder surface of the wood grain compared to the face grain.
•End Grain – End grain butcher block countertops have a checkerboard appearance. The end grain is the hardest grain of the wood and is excellent for heavy cutting areas.
•Plank Style – Plank style butcher blocks have the face grain placed on the countertop surface. This is the softest grain of the wood, so this style is best for furniture like table tops.

Edge Profiles
There are several different beautiful edges that can be applied when constructing a butcher block countertop. These include a straight square hard edge, waterfall edge, beveled, deco and bull nosed. If a custom countertop is being created, then almost any edge that can be imagined can be created and constructed to compliment the kitchen décor.

Customized Options
There are also several customized options that can be integrated into a butcher block countertop. Among the most popular are:

•Knife Slots – For chefs and cooks who like to have their knife set readily available at hand as they work directly on the cutting board, knife slots are an excellent addition to the butcher block countertop. Knife slots can include the entire variety of knife widths and sizes to accommodate and entire knife set, steak knives and any other type of knife that might be frequently used in the kitchen.
•Drain Boards – One of the most convenient features in a kitchen countertop is an integrated drainage board immediately adjacent to a kitchen sink or prep area. Butcher block countertops are easily customized to include a drain board.
•Custom Shapes – For customized kitchens that are uniquely designed for a home remodeling project, a butcher block countertop can be designed to accommodate unique or unusual shapes or curves. For the homeowner who is seeking a distinctive kitchen design, wood butcher block countertops are particularly accommodating.
•Custom Thickness – Unlike other countertops, butcher block countertops can be constructed with a unique customized thickness to accommodate any special design applications for a home kitchen remodeling project.

Butcher block counters are a beautiful and uniquely customizable type of countertop that can compliment almost any home kitchen remodeling project.