Butt Joint

A butt joint is a method of joining two wood pieces, or members, by butting them together against each other. It is the simplest joint for a carpenter to make, but it is also the weakest unless reinforcement is used.

Only the end grain is glued together in the construction of a butt joint. Various methods of reinforcement are used to make a butt joint stronger.

Butt Joint Reinforcement

Dowel butt joint reinforcement is a method used often in chairs and furniture, since it is strong and there is no visible sign of the joining. Butt joints can also be reinforced with biscuits, a small over piece of wood that is put into slots on either side of the butt joint.

Screws can be used, screwed from one side of the butt joint into the other. The disadvantage of screws is their visibility, so this method is often used when looks aren’t as important as solidity is. Screw reinforcement for butt joints is one of the strongest methods.