Butterfly Garden Layout: Keeping Butterflies Happy

A great way to add some life around our garden is to plan out a butterfly garden. Watching many multi-colored butterflies going from plant to plant is a great way to spend a lazy, warm afternoon. Follow these guidelines for a beautiful garden that will attract butterflies and keep them happy.

Plant The Right Flowers

The actual design of your garden will not make a difference, but the types of flowers that you plant will. Colorful flowers that provide a lot of different blooms and have high nectar content will keep butterflies around for a long time.

Running Water

Attract several different species with small fountain birdbaths located in different areas of your garden. Position these around different colored flowers as a way to keep them all in order.

Butterfly Houses

Include several little butterfly houses in your garden. You can coordinate their colors with the different flowers in the garden and group them according to the various flowers. Not only will the house add a place for the butterflies to perch, but it will add some dimension and outline to the garden.


Butterflies are attracted to color. However, the colors have to work together. Big showy colors like red and orange will go good with a deep green background. However, other softer colors like blue and purple will be accented by a background of white petals or rocks.