Buying a Used Snowblower: Checking its Condition

Picking up a used snowblower can be a economical alternative for many people. Before buying a used snowblower, however, you should verify you are buying a dependable piece of equipment that functions properly. It is not unusual for some minor repair or part replacements to be required, but make sure you understand what is needed before you pay for the equipment.

Make Sure It Runs Properly

Start up the used snowblower to make sure the motor operates correctly. As you try each speed setting, listen for the engine skipping. If the motor starts up but stalls out, inspect the spark plugs and air intake filters.

Check the oil, both to ensure it is filled to the correct level and to determine how dirty it may be. Test all of the operational controls and safety features; make sure they work or that you are able to replace or repair those which don't. If it doesn't work correctly before you buy it, you need to know exactly what repairs you will need to complete before you can use it.

Check the Auger and Belts

Check the auger and belts or chains on the used snowblower. Look for bent or broken pieces, including parts that have had obvious repairs made to them. Look for rust, and examine chains to make sure the links move freely, without binding. Look for wheels or rollers that have been bent and may no longer function properly.