Buying And Maintaining Travertine Tile

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Travertine tile is among some of the most beautiful tiles in the world. Many world-class homes have travertine tiles gracing their entryway, their kitchens, and their bathrooms.

Travertine tile is a natural stone tile that is both elegant, but also very high maintenance. While many people love the incredible designs and look of travertine tile, they are also put off by the demands it makes in maintenance. However, knowing how to buy it, and more importantly, how to care for it, will help you enjoy the regal atmosphere that travertine tile can present in your home.

Buying Travertine Tile - What to Look For

Before actually purchasing any type of travertine tile you should keep in mind a few points to help you get the best tile, and the exact tile, that will fit your room.

1. Choose the right style - There are countless colors, shapes, and sizes of travertine tiles. The market is saturated with an incredible array of tiles. Take your time to choose the tile that will match your rooms decor.

2. Choose according to room condition - Choose a type of travertine tile that will hold up to the conditions of the room you are going to install it in. For instance, if you are going to install this tile in your entryway, you will want to choose the tile that will hold up to the constant pressure of traffic, shoes, and dirt.

3. Choose the right finish according to your room conditions. There are five different finishes available in travertine tiles. They are:

Honed - The honed finish is glossy and flat.

Tumbled - Will replicate a solid and antique look.

Brushed - This will give a unique appearance that is charming in appeal

Filled - Tile is filled with bright resins to create a strong surface.

Polished - Presents a shiny, neat, finished look.

Maintaining Your Travertine Tile

As already stated, travertine tile is an incredibly beautiful natural stone tile that makes a great impression to your room, and over all home. However, it does have one striking drawback. Travertine tiles are notoriously known as being high maintenance tiles. This doesn't mean they are not worth having in your home. But, it does mean that you should take extra time and effort in keeping your tiles looking new.

Blot Spills Immediately - When something is dropped on the tile, immediately blot it with a soft cloth or sponge. Do not wipe it, as this can move small particles around scratching the surface.

Protect Floor with Mats - Travertine scratches very easily so it is a good idea to keep mats on the floor, and to replace and metal slides on chairs and furniture with vinyl slides.

Clean with Soap And Warm Water - Be very careful of any type of all-purpose cleaner and detergents with citrus, vinegar, or acid solvents. They can seriously discolor the tile and stain it very easily.

Enjoy your travertine tile floor for a long time by following a few simple rules.