Buying Bunk Beds

While purchasing bunk beds for your children, there are several things you should look for and consider.


Determine how much space you want the bunk beds to occupy. Measure the amount of space you have from the floor to the ceiling. The bed you choose should leave at least 3 feet of space from the top bunk to the ceiling.

For a more accurate measurement, have the child that will be sleeping in the top bunk to sit up straight. Measure the length from his or her bottom to the top of his head. Use that measurement as a guide in determining how much space to account for between the top bunk and the ceiling.

Furthermore, decide how long you want the bunk beds to be. You should buy a longer set of bunks if you want your children to use the beds for several years. On the other hand, children will outgrow a shorter bunk bed fairly soon and give you a good reason for moving the children out of the bunks and into their own beds.


You should also consider how much protection you want your children to have on the top bunk. Purchase a model that has some sort of railing if the top bunk. If possible, choose one with at least 1 foot of safety railing around the perimeter to prevent a midnight fall.


The final element to consider is the material from which the beds are made. Choose a material that compliments the children’s room. Natural wood is a great choice but is also easily gouged and damaged by young children. Remember that the children will spend a considerable amount of time in their room and on their beds, possibly roughhousing.

Perhaps the best material for children is metal because it is resilient, sturdy and safe. In addition, metal frames are easy to clean and can be painted any color to match the scheme of the children’s room.