Buying Ceiling Tiles: A Guide

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There are three main types of materials used to make ceiling tiles: pressed fiber, vinyl, and metal. Each type has properties that are better suited for different applications. By understanding which types of tiles are designed for different parts of the house, you can make a more informed purchasing decision.

Pressed Fiber Ceiling Tiles

Most acoustical ceiling tiles are made from pressed fibers, which form a light, sound-absorbing cushion. While this type of tile is the most popular, it also has limitations of which you should be wary. This type of tile is extremely easy to scratch, stain, and break and has almost no tolerance for water.

Vinyl Ceiling Tiles

This type of tile can be used in any room, but it is not well suited as a sound-dampening tile and so should not be used in rooms where distracting sounds are generated, such as the television room. Vinyl is better suited for the bathroom than other places, due to its resistance to moisture.

Metal Ceiling Tiles

In the kitchen, vinyl or metal tiles are the best choice. Metal is even better than vinyl because it is more resistant to heat and easier to clean. Metal tiles with a non-stick face make it easy to eliminate grease build-up, a common problem in commercial kitchens.