Buying Garden Fire Pit Parts

Most of the parts you will need to make repairs to a garden fire pit are available at your local hardware store. Hinges, handles, and other hardware can be purchased in a variety of styles and sizes, which offers you the ability to use replacement parts to change to the look and feel of the fire pit.

Fire Pit Safety

To make the garden fire pit safer, hardware stores sell fire pit spark screens and covers to fit different fire pit styles and models. If your pit is not among those with readily available parts, you will still be able to purchase heavy duty metal mesh or solid sheeting that you can use to build custom screens and covers. Don't forget to pick up a chemical-based fire extinguisher for added safety.

Prefabricated Fire Pit Rings

Some hardware stores offer a prefabricated camp fire or fire pit ring that can be placed over the pit. The result is an instant fire pit.

Kits and Fire Pit Plans

Most major hardware stores sell fire pit designs and kits. These are perfect for a weekend DIY project or an ongoing beautification project in your backyard garden. Kits generally come with everything you need but fire pit plans may not include any hardware.