Buying Second Hand Office Furniture

Buying second hand office furniture is a great way to save money while providing for the needs of your office.

Furniture Brokers
One way to find second hand office furniture is to buy through a broker. These businesses serve as the means for connecting those who want to sell used office furniture and those who want to purchase furniture.

Typically, the seller pays the broker a percentage of the sale when the deal goes through.

Online or Paper Classified Ads
Often a business sells their used furniture directly to the public without using a broker. The most popular way to complete this kind of transaction is by consulting an online classified advertisement service or by using a newspaper.

You can often save money by purchasing directly from the previous owner, but there is usually no warranty on the furniture. It’s up to you to use appropriate caution.

Used Office Furniture Dealers

Used office furniture dealers give the buyer a variety of choices in products. These businesses purchase, refurbish and resell used furniture. They often deal in manufacturer closeouts and overstocks as well. 

As with any purchase, you need to do your homework when using a second hand office furniture dealer. However, many dealers protect their customers by having return policies and offering warranties.