Buying The Right Amount Of Stucco Siding

When siding a home, you have a vast array of versatility when you use stucco siding. This type of siding is one that has been used for several centuries and can last for quite a long time. Stucco siding is a durable, yet workable siding compound that opens up the door to an almost limitless possibility in its design elements.

Getting Creative with Stucco Siding

Stucco siding is a type of plaster that is comprised of an aggregate, a binding agent, and water. When put together you get a cement like plaster that is very workable when it is wet. However, when it dries, it gets very hard. As a siding, or decorative element, stucco is very weather resistant so choosing it for the siding is a good choice whether it is outside or used as an interior wall covering.

Stucco siding, in the hands of a creative person can lead to some very interesting finishes. With stucco you can;

•Add different sized rocks
•Add different colors
•Keep it a smooth finish
•Rake the finish for a grooved look
•Swirl the finish
•Or make elaborate carvings and wall murals within the stucco itself.

The design elements in stucco is endless.

Buying Stucco Siding for Your Home

While you don't really buy any stucco siding, you do buy the materials used to make the stucco to finish your home's exterior with. Stucco must be mixed on site before applying so, when buying stucco siding you want to make sure you have enough on hand.

1. Measure - The first step is to measure the square footage of the area you want to cover with stucco siding. If you do not feel comfortable doing this a contractor can do this, but it is basically measuring the length and the width and multiplying them together. This gives you the square footage. It is also wise to round up for the final figure to make sure you have enough.

2. Choose Mixture - There are many different types of mixtures you can choose for stucco siding. Depending on how you want the finish to look you can have mixture with small stones in it, or different color pigments.

3. Read Package - Once you determine the type of mixture you want, then look at the package to see how much square footage it will cover per bag. For example, if you want to cover 200 square feet of wall, the you can to buy enough to cover that area. If the bag covers a total of 20 square feet, then you will need 10 bags, plus and extra just in case, for a total of 11.

4. Purchase The Right Amount - Once you know how much you need purchase it and have it delivered to your home. Apply in three different layers over a stucco base. Make sure you have enough to cover these three coats.

Stucco siding is a durable exterior siding that can last for up to 50 years and provide great value and insulation qualities to your home.