Buying the Right Impact Wrench for Your Needs

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Buying the right impact wrench for your needs is necessary for any wrench-related work that needs some extra grunt. As implied by the name of the tool, it uses “impact” to get the work done. Using a force that is applied to the drive shaft by a “hammer”, a motor is released to spin freely after this said force is applied.

Impact wrenches are one of the best tools to deliver the right amount of torque with admirable power-to-weight ratio, making it equally efficient and fast for the person working at home and the mechanic at the car shop.

Due to the versatility of the impact wrench, there are various types of impact wrenches, from 1/4” for your light work to the 8” for your heavy-duty needs.

The One for Your Car

For the impact wrench that you can carry around in your car, there is the cordless electric impact wrench. Other impact wrenches that you wield at home or in your mechanic shop have problems with the reach of the impact wrenches because they are limited by the cord they are attached to. Here is where the cordless electric impact wrench shines. Using batteries to operate, you are not constrained with a trailing air hose that can be bothersome and can cause an accident. The cordless impact wrenches are more comfortable and also easier to use.

The One for Your Construction Site

When we're talking about heavy-duty construction, the right kind of impact wrench is necessary to get the job done. There must be specifications like a good grip and control over the throttle making the impact wrench easier to guide and maneuver.

The One for Your Heavy Duty Repairs and Maintenance

For the industrial and mechanical repairs and maintenance of heavy-duty machinery, we may not necessarily sacrifice convenience to lug around big and heavy impact wrenches like the one being used at construction sites. There are slightly bigger cordless impact wrenches using the 1/2” drive. These machines deliver that extra torque for those moments when you need it. This kind of impact wrench is known to be one of the world's most powerful 1/2” impact wrenches on the market.

Here is some necessary know-how and expertise that goes with using an impact wrench and may be useful when considering which tool to purchase. If the nut is not tightened properly, or when you accidentally over-torque a bolt, you can be creating problems for yourself. Preventing unnecessary accidents such as this would be important for the home user, who may be a novice when it comes to using an impact wrench.

Hand-tighten the nuts and bolts in question prior to utilizing the impact wrench in order to prevent threads crossing. You may want to consider a tool with a torque-control mechanism to make sure you cannot over-tighten nuts and bolts. Many accessories can come with your impact wrench, so be sure to keep them labeled and in order.