Buying Used Playground Equipment

It is cheaper to purchase used playground equipment rather than buying it brand new. It is important when buying used playground equipment to find good quality equipment that holds to safety regulations. Bad equipment runs you the chance of putting children at risk. 


Inspect all used playground equipment well. Any used playground equipment made of steel will need to be maintained regularly and repaired properly to last longer. There should be no edges that are sharp, opened or cracked. More importantly, there should be no type of paint peeling (or lead paint).

Safety in Used Playground Equipment

Used playground equipment needs to be anchored down, as you do not want it to tip over while kids are playing on it. Make sure the equipment is sturdy by shaking it. All bolts need to be secured and not sticking out. Chains will also need to be in a working condition and safe. 

Where to Purchase Used Playground Equipment

Used playground equipment can be purchased at garage sales, online sites, or through newspaper ads. There may also be childcare providers who may want to try to sell their current equipment, especially to other providers.