Bypass Door Installation

Lead Image for Bypass Door Installation

Bypass door installation is relatively easy to do. These doors can add a great deal to your closets. They can add a large amount of floor space and also add unique style to your rooms. Bypass doors work well in small areas such as in a bathroom or closet. These doors also have the potential to keep your washer, dryer, or other appliances hidden.

Installation Kits

Bypass door installation starts with a hardware installation kit. These kits have the ability to be utilized for nearly any area. You can purchase an entire do it yourself kit or purchase bypass door installation kits that are all ready to be installed and hung in the door opening. It is relatively easy to frame and install bypass doors when you are building a house or adding to it. If you have an area where there has been a standard door and you are switching to bypass doors, it is also fairly easy and simple. Installing bypass doors in these areas is most often easier than the installation of pocket doors.

Preparing Your Door

The first thing that needs to be done when you are going to install a bypass door is to frame the rough opening of the area where the door is going to go. You will want to make sure that it is the right dimensions for your door. Mark the studs at the upper height of the door and also an extra inch to cover the area for the track for your door. Hammer nails into all of the studs leaving about an eighth of an inch of the nail sticking out. Remove the end brackets that are attached to the overhead door track and cut out the header that is most appropriate for your door size. Cut your metal tracking a little bit shorter than the wooden header.

Installing Hardware and Brackets

Place the brackets of your track onto the nails that you have put in the jack studs. Make sure that the track is level and then finish hammering the nails into the studs. Use chalk to mark the position of the door opening on the floor. Use split studs and put the floor plate into place. Position on pair of split studs against the track trim and then make sure that it is level and even. Once you have done this, you can attach it to the header with everyday nails.

Personalize and Finish Your Doors

At this point, you can choose whether you want to paint or stain the bypass doors. This is completely customizable. You have limitless possibilities as to how you can design the doors. This is a great opportunity to put your creativity and design ideas into place. Make it your own personal door. After you have painted or stained the doors, allow them to dry completely. Then, get two door brackets and mount them to the top of the doors with regular screws. Align the doors in the tracks and you have finished your door installation. Slide the doors back and forth a few times to ensure that they are moving smoothly and freely in the tracks.