Cabinet Base Toe Kick Installation Basics

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-150

Adding a toe kick cabinet base will give your kitchen a professional and polished look. Most cabinet manufacturers will make matching toe kicks, but if they don’t, you can create your own pretty simply. Here’s what you need to know.


You will need to get accurate measurements. You will need to know the length and the height available for the base toe kick. If your cabinet manufacturer makes them to match, then you only need the length measurements.


The height of the toe kick should be cut 1/8 inch smaller than your original measurement. This will allow space for you to fit the piece in place. Make sure to get a clean cut on the butt ends in case you have to piece more than one together for longer cabinet areas.

Painting or Staining

Once you’ve gotten the toe kicks cut, you need to go ahead and stain or paint them to match the current cabinetry. It will be too difficult to try to do this after you’ve installed them, so just do it before hand to avoid any headaches.


Installing the toe kick is as easy as using countersink screws to attach the toe kick to the counter base. Use wood putty to fill in any holes left by the screws and touch up with paint or stain when you’re done.

Installing toe kicks is a very simple process. You will be pleased with the look you achieve after such an easy do it yourself project.