Cabinet Door Catch Basics

cabinet door catch

Knowing cabinet door catch basics will help you choose the best cabinet hardware for your cabinets.

Why do you Need a Cabinet Catch?

You'll use cabinet door catches on doors that don't have self-closing hinges. They are easy to install and there are three main types.

Magnetic Catch

With this style, there is a metal plate that mounts on the door and a magnetic part that mounts on the frame. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. They open and close easily.

Friction Cabinet Door Catch

This style has a male and a female part that work in conjunction with spring tension, much like the roller type. The cabinet door catch is inset on the door making it invisible.

Spring Roller Catch

This style has one or two rollers, which are set close together mounted on the frame of the cabinet. The catch is then mounted on the door. When the rollers hook the strike plate is closed.