Building Cabinets 7 - Attaching and Installing

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Attaching the Doors and False Front

  1. Attach the hinges to both doors and attach one door to the unit. At first use only one screw at each hinge and be sure the door is level and plumb, and properly positioned.
  2. Attach the other door, again using only one screw at each hinge. Check to be sure the top and the bottoms of the doors are aligned and the space between the doors is even and not too large. Open and close the doors to be sure they operate properly.
  3. Make any needed adjustment and screw in the remaining screws.

Installing the Unit

  1. Install the cabinet before the countertop goes on. This way it can be attached from the top without the counter top getting in the way.
  2. Determine the correct position and with a level start leveling the cabinet. Shims come in handy here.
  3. Locate the position of the studs behind the wall and mark them. You can use a "stud finder" or tap with your hammer. A stud is often placed on 16" centers so that once you locate one you can sometimes measure to the next. Use a bugle head self-drilling screw to make the attachment. Drill through the strong back lining up with your mark on the wall. If the wall is not level use shims between.

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