Calculating Carpet Area: 2 Tips

Someone cuts carpet.

Calculating the carpet area is a simple and straightforward math calculation, but planning the carpet installation for your carpet area can make a big difference in how much carpet you will need for your remodeling project.

Tip 1: Measure the Room

Using a tape measure, carefully measure the length and width of the room you are planning to carpet. If the room has an L-shaped leg to it or an alcove, measure that area separately. Now multiply the width by the length. This will give you the room area and room square footage. For example, a room that is 12 feet by 12 feet has an area of 144 square feet.

If you have an alcove or room leg, perform the same calculation for that area and then add the square footage to the room total. This will be the total amount of carpet you need for the room area.

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Tip 2: Plan for Layout

Before you purchase the carpet, take the time to draw out the room on a piece of graph paper. This will allow you to plan how the carpet will be laid, particularly if you have an especially large room or a room with an unusual shape. Large rooms usually require seams in the carpet. By having a diagram of the room, you will be able to determine exactly where you want the seams to fall.

Carpet seams are best placed in areas with low foot traffic so there is less wear and tear on the edges of the carpet. If you are purchasing a woven carpet like Berber, carpet seams are especially important to plan.

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