Calculating Exterior Trim Replacement Costs

Replacing exterior trim is one of the regular maintenance tasks of owning a home. In order to calculate how much it will cost to replace the trim you will need to perform some measuring.

Replacing Trim Sections

If you are only replacing small sections of the existing trim, then you will simply need to measure the section that you want to replace. The costs to replace existing trim depend on what type of trim is currently installed, but overall this is less expensive than replacing all of the exterior house trim.

You can expect to pay only a few dollars for a small section of trim, plus the cost to paint and install it.

Replacing All Exterior Trim

If you are planning on replacing all of the exterior trim on your house, then you will need to measure all of the places where the trim is currently installed. Add up the linear measurements to come up with a total measurement for the entire project.

You have several choices when replacing all of the trim and the materials that you install will determine the cost for the project. Manufactured or composite materials like vinyl or concrete fiber trim are substantially less expensive to purchase and install than more traditional wood trim. These manufactured materials also cost less in maintenance and installation.