Camping? Portable Toilets For The Wilderness

Portable toilets are now considered a must for your camping trip, for a number of reasons. Comfort is the most obvious but you'll also save yourself the bother of contracting poison ivy and other maladies you can pick up when using the wilderness as your bathroom. Perhaps the most important reason to use a portable toilet when camping is to protect the environment from the negative affects of human waste. Over all, a portable toilet should be considered a standard part of your camping kit.

Why Do I Need a Portable Toilet?
The environmental benefits of using a portable toilets in the outdoors are substantial. If you answer the call of nature without a portable toilet you risk contaminating the soil as well as nearby water sources. With thousands of campers using national parks and forests year after year the impact is not small.

Saving your own hide is another benefit. Whether you're in a campground or on the trail, nature is rife with dangers such as poisonous plants and venemous snakes that may be hidden under rocks and brush. Portable toilets shielf you from these risks. Also, portable toilets contain the smell of urine and solid waste, keeping your campsite pristine throughout your trip. Portable toilets are designed to lock closed and come with liners that can be tied up away from the campsite, keeping odors at bay.

Where Can I Get a Portable Toilet?
Most outdoor and recreation stores carry a selection of portable toilets. Some departments or  home stores may carry them as well. Shopping online may give you the widest choice of prices, styles and features. Expect to pay an average of $100 and be sure to get extra liners as most manufacturers only provide a few to start with.

By using a portable toilet you can be sure that you are not harming wildlife or wildlife water sources. And you can go home knowing that you are not going to need to see the family physician a week later because of a rash you got by squatting over a poisonous plant.