Water Softener Bypass Valve

water in a tile pool with a pink flower blossom

A water softener bypass valve is a small valve the can save you from going without water if the water softener needs repairs. It is more of a safety element than a chemical-inducing element.

Reducing Salt in Water Softener

A water softener bypass valve is only used when there is a problem with the unit. Many people believe they can use a combination of the bypass valve with the softener in order to lower the amount of salt in the water; however, it will not help with the high level of salt.

Fast Regeneration

The high salt content in your water is a result of the unit not being able to regenerate the brine in the reservoir fast enough. That is mostly because the salt has not had enough time in the tank before it is being called to soften the water. The best way to keep salt content down in the water is to let it sit for a length of time.

Regulate Salt Additions

If there is a lot of salt in the water, it may be a result of a faulty water softener. It may also be a result of too much salt being poured into the system. Monitor the use of salt in order to regulate the salt content.