Can I Make a Shower Curtain From Window Curtains?

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What You'll Need
Fabric or window curtains
Measuring tape
Seam ripper
Sewing machine
Fabric stabilizer in 2-inch width

If you can't find a shower curtain you like, you can make your own from ordinary curtains. Since a shower curtain is a flat panel with a hem on four sides, most of them will make the transition from window to bathroom with ease. Match your shower curtain to an existing window treatment or theme, or create a work of art. If you’re fairly handy with scissors and basic sewing techniques, you can create your own unique shower curtain from the window curtain of your choice.

Step 1 - Measure Your Curtains and Your Shower

Before you start cutting, measure both your shower height from the top of the shower bar to the floor. Add 2-inches to the sides and 6-inches to the height for the seams.

Step 2 - Remove the Lining, Wash Fabric, and Cut

If you’re using lined curtains, remove the lining and cut your curtain fabric to the proper dimension. Your fabric should be washable since it will be exposed to water and steam on a regular basis. Once the lining is removed, wash the fabric. Remember, you can make several panels or sew 2 panels together based on your shower treatment and design.

Step 3 - Fold and Press Your Seams

Fold all 4 sides of the fabric into 12-inch seams and press the seams with an iron. Fold the seam 1 more time and press it again. This double seam will better withstand repeated pulling on the curtain to open and close it. Stitch 1/16-inch from both the outer and inner edges of the folds of the seam.

Step 4 - Stitching the top edge

Shower curtains take a lot of abuse. You’ll need to stabilize the edge that bears the brunt of the abuse, which is the top seam where the holes for the shower curtain hooks go. These holes must be stable over time without sagging or tearing. Use a light to medium weight fusible stabilizer inside the top seam.

Ensure that the stabilizer is wider than the buttonholes. 2-inches should be plenty. Your top seam should be at least 2-inches wide. If you want to add pleats to the top, make your top seam 6-inches wide. Press the seams.

Step 5 - Create Holes for Shower Curtain Rings

Measure for the holes. A standard shower curtain has 12 rings, usually over a width of 72-inches. Begin placing your holes about 1 or 2-inches inside both edges of the curtain, and 1-inch from the top of the edge of the curtain. Using your buttonhole attachment, make the buttonholes for your rings.