How to Wash a Body Pillow

turning dial on washing machine

Body pillows are great for lounging and sleeping, and they are especially useful for pregnant women. However, just like any bedding item, after a while they can get dirty. Because a body pillow is larger than a regular pillow, you might be concerned as to how to wash one. It is possible to wash a body pillow, though it should be done with caution and not more than two or three times per month. This will ensure that the pillow is clean without damaging the pillow’s structure.

Before Washing Your Pillow

Before you wash your body pillow, check the tag on it or contact the manufacturer for special instructions on cleaning it. Some, such as those filled with down feather, should only be washed by a professional dry cleaner. Tempurpedic and memory-foam pillows can also be tricky because they can lose their shape when put in machines, and they often have their own cleaning instructions involving hand-washing.

Washing Your Body Pillow

Most cotton pillows can be easily washed. Keep in mind that poorly made models may fall apart if not handled carefully.

Step 1 – Use Appropriate Water Temperature

When washing your body pillow in a machine, make sure that you use the appropriate water temperature. Use warm or cold water, but never hot. The hot water might ruin your pillow, making it lumpy or causing it to fall apart.

Step 2 – Wash Alone

Do not try to put any other laundry or pillows in the washer with the body pillow. It is large and needs all the space it can get.

Step 3 – Use a Mild Detergent

Do not use a detergent that contains chlorine or bleach. Instead, use a single cap-full of gentle detergent.

Step 4 – Tumble Dry

Do not use high heat when drying your body pillow. Instead, use a lower setting or just tumble dry. To help keep the inner stuffing fluffy, you can put two or three tennis balls in the dryer as well. As they roll around, they will pound against the material and help it to maintain its structure.

Step 5 – Fluff the Pillow

Once the pillow is completely dry, fluff it manually to bring back bounce and structure. Use a pillow cover to avoid getting it dirty.

Spot Cleaning Your Body Pillow

If you don't want to wash your body pillow in the machine, or if there is just a small stain, you can always spot clean it by hand. Use a mild detergent and a damp, clean, rag to rub out any stains or dirt. Then, let the pillow air-dry.

Depending on the material, you might find that you have soap spots left after the pillow dries. Use a clean, damp cloth to pat the spot thoroughly. This may require a couple tries before the spot disappears, so repeat if necessary. When dry, fluff the pillow manually and place a clean pillowcase over it to prevent it from getting dirty again.