Can PVC Cleaner Replace Primer?

PVC cleaner.

PVC cleaner is used to remove grease, dirt, and oil from PVC surfaces, making them clean. After applying PVC cleaner, the cement can be applied while the primer is still wet. While PVC cleaners are used to clean PVC surfaces, PVC primer is used to join the pipe and fittings securely. If a PVC cleaner is used, the PVC primer must still be used.

Characteristics of PVC Cleaners

Cleaners have characteristics that primers do not have. The cleaner removes the printing from the pipe and softens the pipe. The PVC cleaner removes the shine from the pipe surface, making it dull.

Cleaning and Gluing the Pipes

The pipes can be cleaned and primed before gluing. The primer not only cleans the PVC but it will start to slightly melt the PVC. The glue is used to bond the softened pipe and its fitting together.

After cleaning and priming the pipe pieces, do not try to test them to see if they fit. Since the primer will melt them a little, they will stick together. PVC primer is required to be used in compliance with most codes or regulations. White PVC primer usually calls for a cleaner to be used while the gray PVC does not call for a cleaner.