Can You Install a Stair Carpet Runner over Carpeted Stairs?

blue carpeted stairs

A stair carpet runner is a carpet, narrower than the width of your stairs, that is installed over the steps of a staircase to protect the steps, hide signs of wear and tear, and to make them look more attractive as well. You can easily install a carpet runner over carpeted stairs but first consider the pros and cons of installing a stair carpet runner over carpeted stairs.

Advantages – Décor and Style

Adding a stair carpet runner can make plain, carpeted steps look attractive and stylish. Pairing a patterned runner with plain carpeted steps or vice-versa creates a dramatic décor statement in next to no time. Also, stair carpet runners help protect your stairs from further wear and tear while covering up signs of existing damage.

Disadvantages – Potential Slipping and Skidding

In homes with children, carpeted stairs with stair carpet runners can result in some slipping and skidding since the runner can shift easily. Even, with homes without kids, the carpet runner will need to be constantly adjusted, adding to a homeowner’s workload.

While a stair carpet runner can add a splash of style to your staircase, you may want to keep in mind, that it will need to be adjusted and fixed in place from time to time.