Can You Install Terracotta Tiles on top of Old Flooring?

Terracotta tiles are reddish brown in color, and made out of baked natural clay. Because of the way the terracotta tiles are made, they will always very in color and thickness.  They make beautiful rustic looking floors. You can save money and time by installing terracotta tiles yourself on top of old flooring. Special steps will be needed depending on the old flooring. 

Terracotta Tiles on top of Vinyl Flooring

First, you need to find out what kind of floor the vinyl was installed over. You should be able to install the tile with no problem if the vinyl was installed over concrete and is glued down securely. Make sure the vinyl is clean before you start. It is a good idea to sand down the vinyl to give the tile glue extra gripping surface. If the vinyl is installed over a wooden floor, for example particle wood or plywood, you must take a few extra steps. You should install exterior grade plywood on top of it first. The exterior grade wood will not swell or warp when exposed to moisture. When installing the plywood, make sure you drive corrosion resistant screws into the floor jolts to secure it. If you want extra protection, water proof your plywood with a sealant.

Terracotta Tiles on Top of Ceramic Tiles

Terracotta tiles can be installed on top of ceramic tiles if you take the necessary preparation first. You must inspect your ceramic tiles for any broke, cracked, or missing pieces. Tear out any damaged tile. Fill the holes left with a suitable floor leveling agent or filler. Make sure the filler dries completely according to its instructions. Your floor must be cleaned thoroughly and allowed to dry completely before you begin to install the terracotta tiles. The ceramic tiles must be sanded down first to give the tile glue extra gripping surface. Ceramic tiles have a naturally glossy surface that tile glue has a hard tie gripping onto. Proceed to tile with your terracotta.

Terracotta Tiles on Top of Concrete Floors

You can easily install terracotta tiles on top of existing concrete floors. Do a visual inspection and check for dips or cracks in your concrete. A leveler can also be used to check your floor. You will want to fill the dips and repair the cracks to make a nice level floor. If your concrete floor is not sealed with a sealant, you will want to do that before you lay the tile. This will prevent moisture from coming up through the concrete. Concrete does not need to be sanded for the tile glue to stick. Sanding will make your concrete floor more porous and uneven. It would then be unsuitable for tile installation.

Terracotta tiles can be applied on top of the three most common floors found in your home. Instead of putting the time and money into removing your old flooring, just install terracotta tiles over it.  With a little preparation and hard work, you can have a floor to be proud of.