Can You Tint Your Windshield?

Car windshield tinting laws vary from state to state, although only the top portion of the windshield can be legally tinted by a car detailing specialist. The specialist can tint the top portion of the windshield near the border of the glass for you in order to cut down on the sun's glare for the driver of the car. The tint used must be translucent from the outside and not be reflective. Most car manufacturers already tint this part of the windshield for drivers before the cars are delivered to the car dealers. Car door windows cannot be legally tinted in most states and may even result in your being pulled over by a police officer.

Legal Ramifications of Tinting Your Car Windshield

You can obtain a copy of your state's vehicular infractions through the Department of Motor Vehicles. The infractions include what you can or cannot do with your car if you want to avoid being pulled over by the police.

Tinting the Windshield

The actual tinting job should be done by the car detailing specialist who has the equipment for the tinting job. If your car is an older model before 1990, your detailing specialist can apply the tint within the legal limit. This limit can range between 1- to 3 inches from the top edge of the windshield on your car.