Canna Lily Pruning Tips

A canna lily can be easily pruned if some basic tips are followed. Cannas are easy-to-maintain plants, commonly grown in household gardens. They need seasonal pruning to produce a healthy bloom.

Winter Pruning

The ideal time to prune cannais during the winter season. This is a dormant phase for canna lilies and their foliage develops a crusty surface. This makes pruning easy and reduces chances of harming the plant since heavy pruning equipment is not needed. Winter pruning is necessary to prepare the plant for the forthcoming growing season. Pruning the canna rhizomes ensures that new stem development is initiated. Pruning helps to control the foliage density, reducing chances of fungal infections. Pruned-off parts of cannas are ideal for preparing garden compost. You can dry and store the canna rhizomes for household composting needs.

Pruning Precautions

Canna flowers can be occasionally cut when the plant is blooming but avoid heavy pruning during this time. If you are growing cannas according to a particular design, controlling the flowering density is vital. To create a compact leaf spread and control flowering, prune-off some buds during the early part of the growing season. Garden clippers are recommended for pruning the flowers as shears could induce unwanted bruising of the stems. Mature canna blooms should be clipped near the base of stalk. This helps to control the flower spread without harming the younger stems.