Canopy Bed with Mosquito Net and Matching Bedding Fabric

A canopy bed with mosquito netting can be practical as well as romantic. To get the most visual bang out of your bed, it is important to match your netting, canopy colors and style with your bedding. Canopy beds are more in style than ever, so if you want your bedroom to look its best with a canopy and mosquito netting there are several things you should know.

What is a Canopy Bed

Canopy beds are very similar to a four-poster bed. In addition to four posters, they have a beam, pole or rod that goes across the top of the posts horizontally, connecting each post. Fabric panels, called the "canopy," are draped, threaded, or attached to these poles or rods creating a canopy. The fabric may simply run around the top of the bed, similar to a dust ruffle, or the fabric may reach all the way to the floor and be tied back to each post.

There are two types of canopy bedL the traditional and the contemporary. A traditional canopy bed is generally more Victorian, elaborate and ruffled looking with heavier, generally more brocaded or pleated fabric. A contemporary canopy is cleaner, more modern with lighter, simpler fabrics.

The canopy can also be attached to the bed frame, or hung from a hook attached to the ceiling. Mosquito netting is often added to the canopy to give either a romantic, gauzy feel and look to the bed, or for simply practical purposes. Either way, the netting, as well as the canopy, must coordinate to give your bedroom a finished look.

Things to Consider When Selecting Bedding

Your dust ruffle and quilt will pull the canopy together and complete the look of the bed. Co-ordinate the colors, and style of the pillows and mosquito netting with the dust ruffle, the quilt and the canopy before installing the canopy. Black, ivory, or white mosquito netting will coordinate better with most bedding.

If your canopy bed is going in a young girl's room you may be tempted to use pink or lavendar or even purple, but remember, you'll still need to match the netting with the quilt, dust ruffle and pillows. A white netting will still enhance and match the pinks, purple and even reds your youngster may want. And, when the longing for pink passes, you'll still be able to use the white netting for the next color phase.

If you plan to mix and match your bedding, make sure the canopy, and the mosquito netting both match any combinations of sheets, linens, and quilt you may use. It's harder to change out the canopy each time your change the sheets than it is to make sure the colors, fabric and style match to begin with.

If you aren't sure how to mix and match colors, patterns and styles, look in home decor magazines for tips and color palettes that might work with your existing room. Many quilts, sheets and bedding also come in packages with suggested colors and pattern selections, or you can always ask a design specialist in any large department or linen store for ideas.