Terms of the Trade: What are Canopy Beds?

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Canopy beds feature frames for overhanging fabric and side curtains. They convey a romantic and luxurious feel, and they can help cut down on heating costs by keeping warmth around their occupants at night. Canopy frames are usually wooden or metallic, and their fabric elements range from airy cotton to smooth silk to thick velvet.

They can be as formal or simple as you prefer. Crown canopies feature a fabric ceiling that swoops up to a central point, but you can create a basic version by building a simple frame, or even just by mounting a few curtain rods or a swag of your favorite fabric.

One basic method that requires very little construction is draping long fabric panels through a wooden or metal ring attached to the ceiling above the center of the head of the bed. Draw the fabric panel through the ring, pulling it down to the floor on either side of the bed.

Alternatively, you can install a ring on the ceiling at both sides of the head of the bed, or four rings—one for each corner—and draw long fabric panels through to complete the look.