Car Alarm

For as little as $50, you can equip your vehicle with a car alarm, an internal security device designed to deter thieves, although far more expensive and expansive alarm systems are available. While a basic car alarm is capable of loudly alerting bystanders when the vehicle has been broken into, remote car alarms are able to do much more. From remote monitoring of the car's engine, doors and internal temperature to trunk release and a failsafe starter kill feature, modern car alarms give you an incredible amount of control over many of the vehicle's systems.

Car Alarm Features

Car alarms produced by such manufacturers as Orion, Audiovox, Viper and Scytek are loaded with operational and convenience features. Car alarms may feature anti-theft and tampering devices to deter thieves, remote start capability which allows you to start the car while not actually being inside of it and 2-way paging for instant alert when the alarm is triggered.

Other features include keyless entry mechanisms for doors, trunk and/or hood, main remote transmitter with additional sidekick remote and PC programmability. Not all car alarms support the same features, leaving you to decide what you need and what you can live without.

Remote Functions

Many car alarms include a main remote transmitter with a high-tech LCD display screen for easy interfacing with the system. A 5-button remote is commonly capable of controlling as many as 20 or more alarm functions. Among the remote controls you have at your disposal with certain car alarms are remote start, starter kill, trunk release and keyless entry. The remote transmitter also allows you to check the car's cabin temperature and start the car before you get in to alter the climate to your liking.

Car alarms feature a siren, shock sensors to detect hard impacts and may support more than one vehicle. Remote alarms have a 2-way paging range of up to a mile for added convenience.