Car Alarm System

An advanced car alarm system does much more than simply flash the vehicle's lights and honk the horn when it detects a break-in. The most effective vehicle alarm systems provide you with a remote transmitter, giving you long-range remote control and ability to monitor the car. With multiple features, a remote alarm system puts you in complete control of the vehicle from a distance of up to a mile away. This allows you to deter car thieves, check the interior conditions and even kill the starter remotely should that be necessary.

Car Alarm System Features

A remote car alarm system produced by manufacturers include AutoPage, Viper and Prestige among others offers incredible monitoring ability of multiple aspects of the car. With the remote transmitter you know if the engine is running, if the doors, trunk or hood have been opened and even what the internal temperature of the vehicle is. The handy user interface features a 5-button control pad with 20 or more functions including remote start, trunk release and alarm arming/disarming.

System Components

A remote car alarm system features the internal receiver/control module, an alarm horn, a keychain transponder and a remote transmitter with LCD display in addition to the various connector cables and adaptors. Some alarm systems will support two vehicles and may be PC programmable.